Some example of my many appearances in the international press, such as newspapers, magazines, advertisements, books, fashion films and music videos, can be found below. Please subscribe to my secret model diary to be kept updated with new publications as they happen!


The Latest:  Cover of Iniquity magazine April 2016, with two pictorials and an interview

I am on the cover of this month’s issue of Iniquity magazine, with an editorial inside shot by Luci Alice, and an exclusive interview and pictorial shot by Adam Robertson.

I am wearing Lady Allura’s Latex (soon to be House of Vestress), and I used Bareskin Beauty skincare and Mya Minerals makeup for the shoot. Order your copy here and view my tearsheets here: cover, 1-2, 3-4, 5-6, 7-8.



Iniquity, April 2016

Iniquity, April 2016

Sinical (USA), July 2015

Sinical, July 2015 (USA)

The "Ugly" Girl's Guide to Modelling: No Agency? No Problem! Five Steps to Begin, Maintain and Improve Your Dream Modelling Career by Anita De Bauch

The “Ugly” Girl’s Guide to Modelling

Twisted Edge, February 2015 (USA)

Twisted Edge, February 2015 (USA)

BeDeSeMe, March 2014 (ES)

BeDeSeMe, March 2014 (ES)

Back cover of 'Riot Vixen', June 2013 issue

Riot Vixen, June 2013 (USA) (back cover)

The Societies' 2013 Convention Show Guide

The Societies’ 2013 Convention Show Guide (UK)

Alt fashion, Spring/ Summer 2012

Alt fashion, Spring/ Summer 2012 (UK)

Anita De Bauch: Chameleon

‘Anita De Bauch: Chameleon’ by Sean McCormack

Anita De Bauch cover

Anita De Bauch by Sean McCormack, 2011 (USA)

Sartor Resartus album cover

Sartor Resartus album by Zelig, 2011 (UK)

Festival of Sins 11.12.10

Festival of Sins flyer, 11th December 2010 (UK)

Festival of Sins 09.10.10

Festival of Sins flyer, 9th October 2010 (UK)

Living in Kilkenny 06.10

Living in Kilkenny magazine, June 2010 (IE)

Click 2010

Click magazine, March/ April 2010 (MT)

Yerbury calendar 2010

The Yerburys’ Art Fetish Calendar 2010 (UK)


Triptych by John Tisbury, Gregory Brown and John Evans, 2010 (UK)

Lighting the Nude by Steve Luck, 2010 (back cover)

Nudes Alive

‘Nudes Alive’ by Gregory Brown, 2010 (back cover)

Quantum 2008

Quantum 2008/09 catalogue (international)

Decadence 2008

Decadence flyer, 7th November 2008 (UK)


TV and Film

Selfridges’ ‘The Masters’ fashion film, featuring Jean-Paul Gaultier, Stella McCartney and Oscar De La Renta (2014)
Bo Ningen’s ‘Slider’ music video (2014)
Jessie J’s ‘It’s My Party’ music video (2013)
AxeWound’s ‘ExorChrist’ music video (2012)
Fashion TV show for Playful Promises lingerie (2012)
Oyster by Marie Schuller, a fashion film featuring Vivienne Westwood and Dans La Vie (2012)
Cradle of Filth’s ‘Lilith Immaculate’ music video (2011)
Jerry Ghionis’ I.C.E. Society video, “Lighting Anita”, 2010
Numerous fetish films from 2008 to present


Editorials and Interviews

Iniquity cover feature, April 2016. 1, 2-3, 4-5
Iniquity, “Interview with Anita De Bauch”, April 2016. 1-2, 3-4
Tenebrous, “Chameleon”, Spring 2016. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
NIF Magazine
, “Anita De Bauch by Here’s Johnny”, April 2016
Gorgeous Freaks, “Darkness”, Jan-Feb 2016. 1-2, 3-4, 5-6
Obscurae, “Black Water”, November 2015. 1-2, 3-4, 5-6
BeDeSeMe, “Tommy Magpie”, issue #48.1. 1-2, 3
Gorgeous Freaks, “Anita De Bauch”, May 2015
Sinical, “Anita De Bauch: Exclusive Interview”, July 2015 (USA). 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
Cynical Fashion
, “Anita De Bauch”, June 2015 (USA). 1-2, 3-4, 5-6
, “Art Deco”, June 2015 (USA). 1-2, 3-4
Dark Beauty
, “Luci Alice – Anita De Bauch“, 8 May 2015
, “Fire”, April 2015, 1-2, 3-4, 5-6
Rebel Circus,
 “Rebel Girl: Anita De Bauch“, April 2015 (USA)
, “Digital Displays”, March 2015 (USA). 1, 2, 3
Twisted Edge
, “Anita De Bauch Wearing Lady Allura’s Latex”, March 2015 (USA). 1, 2, 3
Twisted Edge, February 2015 (USA)
Sinical, “Anita De Bauch on Nylons”, January 2015 (USA). 1, 2, 3, 4
Time Out London, “Pussy whipped“, November 2014
, “Magpie Photography”, September 2014 (UK). 1, 2
PETA “Try Vegan” publicity stunt reported internationally, 17 July 2014
, “Anita De Bauch: The Cover Girl by Luci Alice Photography”, March 2014 (ES). 1-2, 3-4, 5-6, 7-8, 9-10, 11-12, 13-14
British Vogue
, “Vogue’s Wedding Wishlist“, November 2013 (UK)
, “Horned Goddess”, issue 3, part 1 (UK). 1-2, 3-4
British MODE
, “Dare to Be Different“, October 2013 (UK)
, “Luci Philips“, September 2013 (ES)
, “Photographer Spotlight: Luci Alice Photography“, issue 34 (UK)
Riot Vixen
, “Luci Alice Photography“, June 2013 (USA)
Bella Morte
, “Anita De Bauch“, Spring 2013 (USA)
Skin Two
: “Fashion Section”, issue 64 (UK). 1, 2
: “Kaori’s Latex Dreams”, issue #11 (UK)
: “Night Shade”, 3rd October 2012 (worldwide)
The Bite
: “Anatomic Bomb”, Autumn 2012 (UK)
Bella Morte:
“Featured Model: Anita De Bauch”, Taboo: FETISH issue, 2012 (USA)
Pin-up Pixels
: “Anita De Bauch“, 5th April 2012
Bella Morte
: “International Bella: Anita De Bauch“, issue 10 (USA)
: “Anita De Bauch… Full Time“, issue 1 (UK)
Skin Two
: “Jane Doe Latex: Edgy neo-classical styles in rubber”, issue 62  (worldwide). 1, 2
Professional Photographer
: “Professional Photographer of the Year Awards“, December 2011 (worldwide)
Professional Imagemaker
: “Rolling with the Big Dog, part 12”, October – November 2011 (worldwide)
: “Playful Promises at The Box”, 30th September 2011 (UK)
Elle Belgique
: “Streetstyle: Le Notting Hill Carnival, Londres”, 5th September 2011 (BE)
Mach 2
magazine centerfold, Summer 2011
: “EctoMorph- Leaders in Latex Fashion”, 16th August 2011 (UK)
: “Anita De Bauch- Fetish Model”, 4th August 2011 (UK)
Von Gutenberg
magazine: “The Beauty of Abyss Photography”, issue #4 (DE). 1, 2
Alt. Fashion
magazine: “Model Feature: Anita De Bauch”, Spring/ Summer 2011/ issue 18 (UK) “Anita De Bauch: The Name Says It All”, November 2010 (USA)
Practical Photographer magazine: “Lady in Red”, November 2010 (UK)
Digital Camera magazine: “Get Back to Nature”, October 2010 (UK)
Professional Photographer: “Welcome August”, August 2010 (UK)
Bizarre magazine: “Babes in the Wood”, August 2010 (UK)
Photo Pro magazine: “GEAR Test Drive”, July 2010 (UK)
Living in Kilkenny magazine: “Seamus Costelloe Photography”, June 2010 (IE)
Nude & Glamour Photography magazine: “The UK’s Best Nude and Glamour Photographers”, December 2009 (UK)
Northampton Chronicle & Echo: “Styling from Vintage Era”, 29th September 2009 (UK) “Teija Vartiainen’s fashion collection reminds of global warming”, 8th May 2009 (FI) “How to become an alternative model“, 2008 (UK)
Bizarre magazine: “Bizarre Britain”, January 2008 (UK). 1, 2, 3 “Close-up on Anita De Bauch”, 2008 (FR)
Nectoxic magazine: “Top Models”, 2007 (USA)



EcoLuxe @ London Fashion Week, February 2014
Alternative Fashion Week 2012 for Lucky Dame Couture and One Eyed Designs
Erotic Awards 2012 for Am Statik
Torture Garden March Ball 2012 for One Eyed Designs
What Katie Did Spring/ Summer 2012 Launch
Playful Promises ‘Burlesque and Beating Hearts’ Catwalk Show, February 2012
Torture Garden London Fetish Ball 2012 for Jane Doe Latex
Playful Promises Spring/ Summer 2012 Press Event
Salon International 2010 for Corioliss
The Erotic Awards 2010 for Jane Doe Latex
Festival of Sins June 2010 for Nikita Sablier
London Alternative Fashion Week 2010 (First Face on the Catwalk) for Nicole Gill Lingerie
The Skin Two Rubber Ball 2009 for Naucler Design
Festival of Sins October 2009 for Engineers of Desire
Vivid Soda 7, 20th December 2009 (burlesque performance)
The Silverstone Grand Prix 2009 (the first ever burlesque show performed at the Grand Prix)
London Alternative Fashion Week 2009
The Clothes Show 2008 for Tamara Ramsey-Crockett
Erotica 2008 for Sean Buckley
The XPO 2008 for Montcler
London Alternative Fashion Week 2008 for Hasan Hejazi


TV & Print Advertisements

Fabulously Fetish in Marquis magazine, March 2015
Selfridges‘ ‘The Masters’ fashion film, featuring Jean-Paul Gaultier, Stella McCartney and Oscar De La Renta (2014)
Bo Ningen’s ‘Slider’ music video (2014)
Jessie J’s ‘It’s My Party’ music video (2013)
EctoMorph in Skin Two magazine, issue #64
AxeWound’s music video for ‘Exorchrist’, 2012
Fashion TV: “Playful Promises- New Boutique Launch“, first broadcast in the UK in October 2011
Mach 2 Main Event promotional material, October 2011
Cradle of Filth’s music video for ‘Lilith Immaculate’, 2011
Festival of Sins promotional poster, 11 December 2010
Bizarre’s Ultra Vixens homepage header, from September 2010
Raven SDL carrier bags, from 2010
Nikita Sablier in Scarlet magazine, November 2009
Nikita Sablier in Scarlet magazine, October 2009
Heavenly Corsets in The Independent Magazine, 26 January 2008
Heavenly Corsets in Scarlet magazine, January 2008
Heavenly Corsets in Scarlet magazine, December 2007


Catalogues and Campaigns

Orchid Corsetry, AW15 (UK)
Fabulously Fetish shoes, 2013 (UK)
Lady Allura’s Latex, 2013 (UK)
Kaori’s Latex Dreams, 2012 (UK)
Beyond Burlesque, 2012 (UK)
Beyond Burlesque, 2011 (UK)
EctoMorph, 2011 (UK)
Nikita Sablier, 2011 & 2010 (UK)
Jane Doe Latex, 2010 (UK)
Favor Latex, 2010 (DE)
Sheer Nylons, 2010 (UK)
Naucler Design, 2010 (SE)
Drac-in-a-Box, 2010 & 2009 (UK)
Lorber Vintage 2009 (DE)
Quantum 2008/09 (international)
Heavenly Corsets 2008/09 (UK)


Photography Books

The “Ugly” Girl’s Guide to Modelling by Anita De Bauch, 2015
Anita De Bauch: Chameleon
 by Sean McCormack, 2012
Anita De Bauch
by Sean McCormack, 2011
Latex Fashion Photography by Miki Bunge, 2011
Triptych by John Tisbury, Gregory Brown and John Evans, 2010 (cover)
Nudes Alive by Gregory Brown, 2010 (back cover)
Kinky Nature by Emma Delves-Broughton, 2010
Barenaked by Gregory Brown and Violtta Gabor, 2010
Instrumental Nudes by Gregory Brown, 2010
The Societies’ Collection 2009
The Societies’ Collection 2008



Fetish Eyes’ “Anita De Bauch” Calendar 2012
Nikkita Sablier Calendar 2011
The Yerburys’ Art Fetish Calendar 2010
Devolution Calendar 2009


Major Workshops

Olympus Cameras Workshops in London and Helsinki, 2014
Stephen Perry‘s Fetish Fashion Workshop, 2014
Jerry Ghionis‘ London Workshops 2010 and 2013
Doug Gordon’s Big Red Bus Tour, January 2010
The SWPP Convention 2008, 2009, 2010, 2012 and 2014
Regular model for The Yerburys’ Boudoir Academy
Regular model for Damian McGillicuddy’s Workshops (UK & MT)
Regular hair model for Mahogany Education